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Audits and Budgets

2023 Audit Report

2023 Budget Report

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2018 Audit Report and Financials

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2014-2015 Budget Report

2014 Audit Report and Financials

2011 and 2012 Audit Report and Financials

2010 Audit Report and Financials


There are 125 lots at Independence Ranch.  The road assessment is $500 for each lot.  ($500) x (125 lots) = $62,500 Annual Budget.


This is for 9 miles of roads; asphalt, chip seal, gutters, culverts, and gravel road.  Your help in maintaining the District Roads is appreciated. This includes observing the speed limit and all other Motor Vehicle laws for the State of CA, County of SLO. Unlicensed Vehicles (with the exception of Farm vehicles) are not allowed on ANY roads maintained by the CSD.

Thank You

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